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Mobile Device Compatibility

In a recent study of web sites and web traffic, it was reported that in early 2012, less than 10 percent of web sites are mobile ready.

In the past, mobile-ready meant having a separate serving of files specifically devoted to mobile devices. Those devices (smart phones) have now become more sophisticated and more powerful, but, feature phones are still out there. There also has been a seismic shift in the style sheets and coding parameters that can offer up the same page in different ways based on the operating system. This is great news for business.

Today, Mobile Ready and Mobile Responsive mean that pages we create today will automatically work in mobile devices?as well as traditional browsers, with one web site that works in all devices. Pages and menus automatically adjust for optimal display on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers. This means to deliver stable and responsive designs with minimal effort.

There are 2 different types of mobile compatible web sites and pages. Mobile Ready means that pages work well with mobile devices. Mobile Responsive means that pages actually delivery up a page that responds to the specific device being used. Mobile Responsive sites are more limited in their presentation, but deliver a superior mobile viewer experience.

Which version is most important to you depends on the number of viewers you expect that will be looking for your site using a mobile device. On average across the board, the number of internet users using a mobile devices are about 10 percent. This is not necessarily the same percentage accessing YOUR web site--it all depends on the type of information you're providing and whether or not you think visitors would use their mobile device to find your web page.

Mobile Responsive pages cover the following:

  • Search engine friendly and accessible

  • Supports all mobile devices

  • Supports iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows 8

You decide which is the most appropriate for you and your business.

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