Ohio City Productions

Web Page Galleries

If you have photographs that can tell your story, then adding a Gallery Page to your web site is great option to improve your conversion rates. We have several options available and each option can be completely customized to fit your web site's look.

Galleries can be either on an independent web page or placed inside a web page.

Web Galleries installed on an existing web page as low as $89.00 (includes 10 images; see pricing below for additional image pricing). This includes setting up the necessary coding as well as cropping and optimizing your images, creating thumbnails (if requested) of each image as well as an optimized full size image so they load quickly.

Intalling a Web Gallery on its own page includes all of the above as well as updating existing menu structure to include gallery link if required. The price for this option is an additional $40.

Quantity should be limited to no more than 30 images. More images may result in longer download times for visitors.

Captions may or may not be used depending on your purpose. When submitting images, please include the sequence you wish them to appear along with appropriate captions.




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