Ohio City Productions

Web Site Design

We produce high quality custom websites that you'll be proud to direct to family and friends. Even our least expensive web site designs are polished professional online presentations.

To be effective your website must be user friendly and visual. It should immediately tell visitors what you're about, have an easily to understand menu system that works without flash and with javascript turned off.

With the increasing number of cell phone users, your site should also play friendly with the small screens and iPad users. Our design team tries to stay on top of the constantly changing sands of technology so that when each new web site is developed, it will meet the demands of the technology as it exists at that moment in time.

"I have problems putting more than 3 words together when it comes time to say what I mean, I mean what's a person to do? Trust me... they helped. Now I sound like a science rocket!"

Your Partner

Our technicians build sophisticated user friendly online tools. Custom programming services include:

  • Dynamic Galleries

  • Slide shows

  • Animated Graphics

  • Blogs & newsletter pages

  • Image Enhancement

  • Forms and applications

As new features, new technologies become available for the average consumer we will offer our clients the opportunity of upgrading their web site to it will still be a relevant player in the field of the technology.


Web Content

Regardless of the new technologies, the most important aspect of your web site is the content on your web page, which is ultimately the web site's owner. We understand writing is not always easy. We can help in that department.

Several of our staff are highly skilled wordsmiths that can translate your ideas into easy to read and understand copy, created so that each page follows key-word density guidelines.

If you need help putting your business into words, we can help.