Mobile Responsive Pages to the Device

Having pages that play well with mobile and other new media devices may be important to some businesses.

10% of visitors use mobile devices to access the internet. If you believe your business is becoming more dependent on mobile browsers then you might want to consider changing your site to a browser independent web page.

All pages that we build today are visible and functional on mobile devices. These sites are Mobile Ready. Older web sites may require visitors to enlarge the page to read.

The sample pages below actually re-arrange themselves depending on the device. They are referred to as Mobile Responsive sites.

Mobile Responsive CSS Page Constructions

Existing web site owners have several options. If we constructed your site, it is already Mobile Ready, but may not be Mobile Responsive.

Mobile Ready sites mean they will display correctly in any of the current mobile devices, but just in a scaled down version. This means that users may have to enlarge text sections to read.

Mobile Responsive sites are designed to adapt their appearance according to specific devices.

Converting existing sites so they are Mobile Responsive requires re-coding all of the web pages so they RESPOND differently to the device accessing the page.

There is a one time charge for this conversion and depends entirely on the number of pages and the complexity of those pages.

Add-on pages are a new set of pages that will be created to be Mobile Responsive. Typically these pages include the most relevant pages of your site and not necessarily ALL of the pages. For example: Home Page, Contact Page, Estimate Page, and Description Page might be included.

If we are building a new web site for you, it can be built so the entire site is Mobile Responsive.

Design Options for Mobile Responsive sites are a little more limiting than a Mobile Ready site. Be sure to specific that this is an option you want to consider.

There is no additional charge for building a new site that is Mobile Responsive.

Pricing for integrating Mobile Responsive web pages is entirely dependent upon the circumstances. It is therefore necessary to provide custom prices based on what you wish to do and the complexity of your web site.

Please contact us for a review of your options.

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