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City Page

Today, service industries that cover a broad range of communities, cities, towns and villages depend almost entirely on attracting new business through their web site. That's why it is so important to rank high in organic searches, not only for their base town, but also in all of those outlying communities.

"Now Google knows where I am.
They told me that would be a good thing."


We have developed a new service called City Pages that inexpensively creates a new web page for your web site that focuses on each community, city, town or village that you want to make sure your web site shows up in organic searches for your common key words used in your industry combined with that local community.

This service is designed for those businesses serving more than 10 local communities, but less than 100. A good example business is a local lawn care provider that provides not only lawn services in their Home Town, but also serves most of the other communities found within a 25 mile radius.

Each City Page we create will be optimized for all of the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Each page will be loaded with keyword terms for your industry and the community.

Contact us about more information about our City Pages and how they can possibly benefit your business and web site.